All over the globe, there have been researches and studies in the area of Sport Psychology, Sport Management, Sport Coaching, Anti Doping, Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Sport Sociology etc, however, in context to India, there has been no study in the area of Sport Sociology. Moreover, Sport Sociology as an independent unit or faculty couldn’t find space till 2015, given the fact that Sociology in India made strides back in the 1950s, and is dominantly established under the aegis of Indian Sociological Society.

It was only last year that the Indian Sociological Society, after continuous efforts for years, decided and approved the formation of the Adhoc Group on Sociology of Sports and the first academic sessions were held at the All India Sociological Conference held at Bhubaneswar, India 27-29 December 2015. I was designated as Convener of this Group, and entrusted by the ISS to go ahead with this special initiative of spreading Sport Sociology

all over India. Sociologist, at some point of time, previously, were disinclined towards this discipline, but now with the given time, scenario and changes in the global world, its importance has been readily recognized. However, many efforts

need to be diverted towards this end, given the size and populace of India, where issues of food, health and shelter still occupy space.  My Proposal for inserting “Sport Sociology” as a proper discipline for study at Universities and for the purpose of Research is approved by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India. How can Sport Sociology study the mindset of the society and not the individual is a matter of introspection and study? In exploring how sport can provide a vehicle for contributing to social capital in disadvantaged communities, Sport Sociology investigates how various organizations have engaged with disadvantaged communities through sport to facilitate community development and enhance social inclusion.

How can the practice and performance of elite athletes be linked with sociological studies and how can they be made to understand the bond and linkage between what sport as an institution is, and how can this be linked to other institutions as defined under Sociology? How can Sport Sociology in India challenge and address the issues of inequalities of gender, disability, class etc., and come up with solutions. How to use quantitatively and qualitatively both the vast populace of India to study its society, and exhort on the youth and future generations to gallop ahead by embracing sport as a full time career and sporting future, or as a part of extracurricular activity. The Western World as a sub-discipline has somewhat developed an understanding of how people become involved in Sport, and thereupon the obstacles, and measures as to how Sport Sociology addresses these, but we in India have to understand and start the process of creating and recruiting Sociology of Sport so as to get a feel of the complex web of the identities involved. Many efforts need to be exerted for creation, facilitation and establishment of other Regional Centres all over India. We can foresee a plethora of opportunities, both for the Academia, Researchers, Students and other Stakeholders to contribute their bit in establishing the Sports Sociology in India. This call assumes even more significance, after the call of the Prime Minister to engage optimally in Sports Studies.

Dr. Sanjay Tewari
Convener, Adhoc Gr II,
Sports Sociology
Indian Sociological Society

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